Monday, January 12, 2015

Who can start a blog?!
A blog can change lives, it changed mine and I hope it changes yours too, in a good way.

1. Are you not a writer?
When I ask people why don't you blog, the most repeated answer would be that they are not good at writing. This is a misconception about blogging.

Blogging is not all about writing. All bloggers are not writers and you don't have to be a writer to start a blog.  

2. Types of blogs:
-Food blogs: The blogs that talk about food, recipies, photography of food, food styling and what not about food.

-Parent Blogs: These are blogs which deal with different shades of Parenting. In such blogs one can write about the naughty things that your kids do, the way you engage them, best books, best toys, clothing, fancy dress ideas, food ideas for lunch or a picnic spot for kids. It can be anything related to being a parent.

­-Travel Blogs:  These are blogs written about trips and travels.
-Tech Blogs: Tech blogs are about technology; game reviews, mobile phones, laptops, softwares or anything related to technology
-Review Blogs: These blogs concentrate on reviewing different stuffs based on the interest of the blogger; book review, movie review, product reviews and so on.
-Personal Blogs: These are blogs which focus on the personal lives of bloggers who write it. They write about their lives, day today activities and so on. Like a diary entry.
There are many other kinds of blogs and a single blog can also have entries under all the above category.

So if you have time and want to do something useful for yourself and others, start a blog.

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