Friday, January 9, 2015

Most couple complain that they don't spend time with each other and some complain that there is not much that they both could spend time doing together. This post is about what all couples can do to learn about each other's interest and also spend quality time.

1. Cooking:
Cooking together is always fun. Let one person chop vegetables and other handle the burner. It's always fun to plan and work together in the kitchen.

2. Baking
The best way to spend time is to bake. Let the wife do the sieving, and the husband do the beating of wet ingredients. If you want to make it even more fun, take a video of the two making it step by step till the cake vanishes into your mouth from the plate. Take photos of the two of you baking, create fridge magnets with it and stick it on your fridge. You don't only spend time but also create memories doing this.

3. Watch Movies and TV shows:
Don't stop with watching the movie, try to analyse each situation of the movie that impressed the two of you. Also discuss what you didn't like about the movie.

4. Reading books:
If both of you like to read, then pick two copies of the same book and read it. Discuss the story now and then.
5. Create a scrap book of memories.
Buy a fancy notebook. Start collecting tiny things that can remind you of a trip, a special moment or a day of special memories. Stick to that note and write a small note under it. Both of you do it in the same notebook with your collections and your description. It can be as small as a coffee shop bill on a special date. Let the wife write a line about it and let the husband write one. This will not only be fun to do but also remain a precious book of memories when you grow old.

6. Clean the house
The best way to spend time with each other is to clean the house. But don't stop with cleaning the floors, windows and toilets; try to relocate the objects in the house every month and give a new look to it. By the time you get adapted to it and start getting bored, reorder stuffs.

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