Friday, January 23, 2015

Here is an imaginary proposal that could have happened if only I had got a chance to do that.

                We have a lot of common friends and I know most of his friend, even if not I will somehow find a way to reach to them. I will convince them saying various reasons why I am the right girl for him. Once they are convinced I will video graph them one by one, asking them to state reasons for their friend to accept my love. I will not spare even his family to do so. I will burn the video into a DVD and keep it into a DVD container. I will print a cover for the DVD case with a movie theme, morphed with our faces.

                He is a technology freak, most guys are, I know. I will buy a second hand laptop, a nexus 4 and a nexus 7 tab. I will register with his ID as a premium tester for windows 10, without his knowledge and break my head to understand how to install Windows 10 Beta version. He is longing to do that so this would definitely flatter him. Then, I will install cynogenmod OS in the nexus 7 tab cracking the OS and Ubuntu in Nexus 4. Even pronouncing these words is a big deal for me and I know he will understand how much I value him when he sees all the devices installed with his favorite OS manually.

                He is a die hard fan of AR Rahman. So I will collect a couple of his most favorite songs in a pen drive and keep it ready. I will also buy a diamond ring. I will do all these arrangements by January 14th and I will start writing a book about our journey together till then. I love to write and words are the best way a writer can express himself/herself. Words are most precious for me and I will write as many as I can. This book will have all those feelings that I had hid from him either due to shyness or due to ego. Every guy will want to know what runs inside a girl's mind after each special moment. I will detail them all in the special book. Before Feb 14th I will design a cover page and get it printed.

                I, recently, have been bitten by the artist bug. I am learning how to draw human portrait with the help of grids. I will do the same but with an A3 paper for every grid so that the over all portrait is a floor size. I will slowly do it over a month, detailing every grid carefully, then stick them together to make a huge, floor size image.

                On the week before valentine's day I will send him a handmade invitation for the dinner that I would host at my place.
                On the valentine's day, I will cook from morning all that he loves- vada, dosa, sambar, parata, parota, dal, rice and what not. I will spend the entire morning cooking some 23 different dishes. I will arrange them into a neat buffet. I will light the whole house just with candles and no lights. I will dress up as pretty as I can look. I will be sure that he won't be expecting a moment of life to be happening so he will be coming in a normal dress. So I will buy a suit that matches my dress, which will be in his favourite colour.

                When he rings the door bell, I will message him saying that the door is already opened. He will walk inside to find a small, closed basket. He will pick it up and will be surprised to see a puppy tied with a bow around his neck. A message card on top of the puppy would read 'There's more'. He will smile and walk in.

                The room will be filled with aroma of the scented candles. He will walk inside and get surprised seeing lot of closed containers. Each of the container will have a year written on top of it; 1989 to 2013. He will open them one by one to see his favourite dishes. The last container marked as 2014 will not have food but a message card which reads 'There's more'.

                He will hear my voice saying 'Hey! Welcome home! Those are to make up with all the years I have missed being with you. One dish for every year.' He will turn to the side the voice comes from to find me on the huge TV screen. The video will bring him close to the TV and make him sit on the couch. He will hear all his friends and family saying why I am the right girl for him. At the end the video will have me rendering a beautiful poem that will tell him how much I love him. He will have tears in his eyes. Then he will be instructed to open the gift box on the table. He will open it and find a suit inside. He will go into the room to change into the suit. When he comes out a camera will be fixed on a tripod outside the room.

'Where are you?' he would ask.
'Here' my voice would come from behind the couch. He will come to find me but will find a mobile phone put on speakers. He will pick it up. I will tell him that the mobile is a gift to him with ubuntu Os. Then a video call will occur in the tab placed a few steps away. He will pick up to see me in it. I will tell him that the tab has a different os and another video call will bring the laptop to his notice. I will tell him that it has windows 10. Now, he will definitely get busy with the devices forgetting the moment I was trying to create. That's when I will hammer his head with a stuff toy hammer.  He will look into my eyes and tell me that he loves me. I will ask him to dig his pocket. He will find a cute, little red box. When he opens it he will find a diamond ring. 'Thank you so much, he would say.'
'That's for me.' I will say and force him to slide it into my finger.
'There's more.' I would say making him blush. I will pick the gift wrapped book hidden under the couch and hand it over to him. Before dinner we will read the book together laughing at all the silly moments we have had till then. 

'There is more' I would say after the book reading. 

Then the music will be played as we eat dinner. 

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